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Company Ethics


Symphony Shipping abides by a code of conduct in order to ensure a professional, competent, respectful, ethically responsible and incorruptible business culture.

Social safety

Symphony Shipping is committed to provide and maintain a positive, healthy and safe working environment, in which any and all employees, customers, suppliers and other (business) relations are treated with mutual respect. We do not tolerate any type of undesirable conduct, including sexual and general harassment, aggression, bullying and/or discrimination. It is a vital task for any and all employees (including management) to act as effectively and appropriately as possible, when there are suspicions of undesirable conduct. In that respect management can and will be held accountable to create a level playing field, accessible for any and all employees, customers, suppliers and other (business) relations, that ensures preservation of anonymity.

Safety Management System

Symphony Shipping is committed to provide safe practices for all employees. Thereto, we have set up a Safety Management System based on the ISM Code and other applicable national and international legislation, which mandates requirements of safe operation of ships, pollution preventions and ensures the safety of all people working on board.


Martime Labour Convention

Symphony Shipping strictly complies with MLC convention and ensures the working environment on board of each vessel meets the highest standards at all times, making the quality of life and work onboard better and operations of the floating assets safer.



Symphony Shipping is aware of the need to protect nature, including but not limited to the maritime environment. We comply with applicable environmental standards and do our upmost to prevent and reduce environmental pollution. As such we have implemented procedures for waste management, as well as minimizing emissions and wastewater treatment.


Bribery & hospitality

Symphony Shipping condemns any act of bribery. Any and all of our employees are prohibited to offer, promise or give a bribe either directly or indirectly to a person in a position of trust whether in government or in private business (active bribery), nor request or receive a bribe (passive bribery). Bribe is a financial payment or gift to another person in order to induce or reward a person for the improper performance of his function or activity and thereby to secure business or a business advantage.


Confidential information

Any and all communication is subject to criteria of truthfulness and transparency. Symphony Shipping maintains the highest level of security possible to ensure the confidentiality of proprietary information entrusted to them by employees, customers, suppliers and other (business) relations. In this regard Symphony Shipping endorses their privacy statement.

Social media

Interaction through social media will only be conducted through the official Symphony Shipping accounts. Social media communication will not be used in any way that is unethical or illegal and as such could misrepresent, or give an unjust or unfavorable impression of Symphony Shipping including its employees, suppliers, customers and other (business) relations.

If and in so far, any undesirable conduct is experienced, one can report such breach to J.H. van Niejenhuis ( or Femke den Ridder (

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